Street Art Studios were contacted by Citykids Childcare in South Melbourne to turn their unique marketing image – drawn by one of the children in their care – into the bright, fun and rejuvenated fascia their business needed.

The client was provided with several conceptual designs by the Street Art Studios team and eventually decided upon having the premises’ towering 14m column facade as the canvas.

The column was initially painted a fresh clean white, to allow the colourful, bright and happy artwork to stand out proudly against the neighbouring businesses.

14m Column decorated with Child’s Drawing

If you have a tricky or challenging painting idea, get in touch with the team at Street Art Studios and our professional team will help turn your ideas into reality.

With over 15 years’ experience, our ability to outperform our competitors and provide professional and courteous customer service, has helped cement our place as one of Australia’s leading artistic mural and artistic services providers.


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