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Brisbane School Mural Artist

LORDS (Lutheran Ormeau River Districts School)

When the Brisbane school mural artist team was contacted by the Pimpama based school with the hopes of having their manual arts building painted. After a meeting on site to discuss budgets, size and timeframe the team was set the task of creating a mural to reflect the neighbouring pockets of bushland. With the quote approved and the Booking Deposit paid, the team was able to provide a timeframe of 10 – 14 days for installation, including 30 hours dedicated to conceptual design.

With the design agreed to within a quick 4 days, the team set to the task of preparing the corrugated sheet metal surface ready for the mural installation. 2 x coats of sealer/primer/stain-blocker undercoat to give the artwork an excellent base for installation. Partnered with only quality professional artistic spray paints and Dulux paints ensures that quality is higher, and with the option of anti graffiti coatings to seal the investment for an average of 50% to 70% (7 to 10 years) longer than unprotected.

The total mural package, from conceptual idea to installation, took 10 days to transform a bland and unattractive area to a vibrant and beautiful representation of the schools’ core beliefs and values. If your school is looking for a unique and eye catching artistic installation, then get in touch with the Brisbane school mural artist at Street Art Studios today. We can provide obligation free quotations, anti graffiti coating services, vandal removal services, artistic consultations and are fully insured for your added piece of mind. We also provide collaborative works, design workshops, safe spray painting workshops and collaborative school murals.

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Live Events

Street Art Demonstrations

Live Demonstration Street Art
NEWSCORP Earn the Right Gala Night, Hamilton Island

If you are planning an event and need a professional Street Artist to help make it a memorable occasion, then look no further than the team at Street Art Studios. Our Street artists provide Live Events artwork for any event, and will work with you to help create that special piece for you or your clients.

Live Event Demonstration Street Art
15th Year Anniversary Live event artwork, Sydney Matrix CNI

We are fully insured, professional, friendly and approachable, and we take the time to chat to all guests who approach us while we are working. We have the knowledge, ability and methods to making sure that we paint only the things that we are being asked to paint.

Live Event Street Art
Live Painting instore for Lululemon, Westfield Carindale

We have helped major brands and organisations create their own memories through our Live Events Street Art Demonstrations and we are always keen to help make your ideas burst to life.

Live Event Street Art
Live Event Street Art entertainment for Vodafone Australia
Live Event Street Art
For BMW Mini Paceman Launch, Adelaide

Our Live Events artists are experienced and respectful and will make any event memorable. Do the same for your upcoming event and make your event instagram worthy. We have provided Street Art for Live Events Australia-wide including Darwin, Sydney & Greater western Sydney, Melbourne city, The Gold Coast, Brisbane and Adelaide to name a few.

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Street Art Workshops

Canterbury Primary School Prep Aged Workshops and Mural

When the art department from Canterbury State Primary School contacted Sheeps from Street Art Studios, they were looking to update some of their school murals. They wanted to begin Street Art Workshops for students from Prep and Grades one to three. Though the school was unsure whether they could be run safely for younger students, Sheeps was able to take the knowledge he has gained over the past five years of mural installation and workshop facilitation and put together a feasible and affordable plan to help this school and its students rejuvenate the school’s dated artwork, involving students in a fun, creative, and educational experience.

Street Art Workshops art
Collaborative mural produced with Prep, Grades 1, 2 & 3.

With a quick introduction to the students, teaching staff and faculty, Sheeps set about taking the Students drawings they presented to him, and to create a quick design that was an embodiment of all the best ideas from their imaginations. He then showed and explained Spray paint and the proper and safe ways to use the Low Odour, Low VOC, water based Spray Paints which were developed and sized for use by children.

Canterbury Primary School Prep Aged Workshops and Mural

With their smocks, wide smiles and eagerness to paint, the kids all took their turns to add colour to the sandpit mural and created one of the funnest and age appropriate murals to date. The kids were thrilled when they had the opportunity to show off their handiwork to their parents, as were their parents at seeing what their children could accomplish when showed the correct way to enjoy spray paint in a safe, controlled environment.

If your School could do with an update, or would like to provide your school with some fantastic artwork that the kids can have ownership and pride in producing, then get in touch with the Street Art Studios team. Let us facilitate your Street Art Workshops for parties, team building and more.

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Mural Art for the Home

Street Art Studios Home Decoration

Geoff & Sarah’s fence before.

When Geoff and Sarah were completing the upgrades and landscaping of their newly built home, they realised they had an issue with the boundary fence making them feel too boxed in. It was the opposite of what they were looking to achieve.  So the couple decided to explore the idea of Mural Art for the Home

Wanting to bring some life to their fence, they contacted Sheeps to discuss their options.

Sheeps walked the young family through the process and discussed everything from design, installation, materials, man-hours and the associated costs, with an obligation-free quote. This time spent, getting an understanding of how they wanted to change this boundary fence into something that was more their style, is what separates Sheeps and Street Art Studios from its competitors.

Sheeps put together an agreeable, detailed and itemised quote that kept within their ideal budget. We only use quality products like Dulux and MTN 94 professional artists aerosols

“Being able to take the ideas of clients and create them, often better than they could imagine, is your true gift, Sheeps. Thank you so much! We love it!” Sarah Bell

Established in 2009, Street Art Studios is one of the original graffiti and street art providers in Brisbane and Australia. They specialise in mural art for both high-end and low-key installations, for all types of homes.

If your any part of your home needs some revitalising – whether it be a fence, driveway, easement or outdoor entertainment area – get in touch with Sheeps from Street Art Studios today and get your Mural Art for the Home

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Approximately four hours north-west of Brisbane, in the heart of citrus country, lies the beautiful country town of Gayndah. The School Mural Artist at Street Art Studios was lucky enough to visit the town, after being contacted by the Acting Principal of the local primary school, Mr. Andrew Goldie, wondering if we could provide the pupils and school community with a street art mural and some workshops with students in design and installation.

Street Art Studios (blue card holders) knew exactly how to make a lasting positive impact, by teaching the kids about proper use of spray paint, and to contribute a mural that would remain for years to come.

School Mural Artist
Collaborative Mural painted by Gayndah State School and Street Art Studios school mural artist Sheeps

“That’s Fantastic!” Andrew Goldie, Acting Principal, Gayndah State School.

The kids worked great together and were all astonished by their own contribution to the final result. Their delight and pride in what was produced was exactly why Street Art Studios was keen to help. The artwork is equally as impressive as the kids’ exemplary behaviour throughout the installation and stands as a testament to a community that takes pride in itself. The students are lucky to have a principal in touch with the youth of today, who knew exactly how to give them a proper hands on experience in street art and graffiti art.

If your school could use some colour to deter vandals, or a project to bring the school community together to achieve amazing things as a group, then don’t delay and get in touch with the team today. Our School Mural Artist is fully insured and we only use the highest of quality materials such as Dulux, MTN and One Take paints. Our artists have over 20 years painting experience to make sure that our productions will last the test of time.

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Street Art Studios were contacted by Citykids Childcare in South Melbourne to turn their unique marketing image – drawn by one of the children in their care – into the bright, fun and rejuvenated fascia their business needed.

The client was provided with several conceptual designs by the Street Art Studios team and eventually decided upon having the premises’ towering 14m column facade as the canvas.

The column was initially painted a fresh clean white, to allow the colourful, bright and happy artwork to stand out proudly against the neighbouring businesses.

14m Column decorated with Child’s Drawing

If you have a tricky or challenging painting idea, get in touch with the team at Street Art Studios and our professional team will help turn your ideas into reality.

With over 15 years’ experience, our ability to outperform our competitors and provide professional and courteous customer service, has helped cement our place as one of Australia’s leading artistic mural and artistic services providers.


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Hire Graffiti Artist

Looking for unique, bright, uplifting and colourful artwork for your home, office, business, or school? Then look no further than the team at Street Art Studios and hire a graffiti artist for your decorating needs.

Alternature Health Centre Art

With packages and plans to suit any budget or timeframe, we offer obligation free quotations, so there is no better time than now to get the conversation started on your next decorative piece.

Get in touch with the team that have been giving Australian clients and business the best in local, national and international artists since 2011, to talk to a professional artist now!

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Hire Street Artist for Pool Walls

When the former Minister for Police and Corrective services, Judy Spence, contacted Street Art Studios, she had an idea to create a mural depicting the golden years of surfing and beach culture, the 1960’s.

After meeting Sheeps from Street Art Studios, she was impressed by the professionalism, can-do-attitude, price and the fact that the works would be installed with little disturbance to their everyday lives.

If your outdoor area could use a good dose of colour, a stylised image or scene, or just really needs a revamp to make your outdoor entertainment area entertaining again, then get in touch with the trusted name in quality street art murals, Street Art Studios.

Pool Wall Mural Art

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Mural Artists for Hire

Graffiti Mural Art for Schools

When looking for a professional graffiti mural artist for your artistic mural works, look no further than the team at Street Art Studios.

Our artists are leaders in creating highly detailed, personalised artwork for any occasion. We pride ourselves on high quality artwork installations that are always delivered on time and on budget. It’s little surprise that our team has managed to make a name for itself, for all the right reasons.

If your business, home, cafe or school could use a trusted and established artistic team for your next mural installation, then make the best decision now.

Contact our Australia wide team today for your obligation free quotation.

Business Mural Art

Mural Art




If you are looking for an artist for your next Brisbane themed artwork, or need an experienced and professional artist for your commissioned works, then look no further than the talented and courteous team at Street Art Studios.

With a knack for creating detailed and specific work for each client, the talented crew are highly sought after for their ability to create top quality work that suits all budgets and timeframes.

Boasting years of experience in project management, the team are always available for a free consultation to help you make the best choice for your home or business.


Our artwork already takes residence in some of Brisbane’s best venues. Why not take advantage of the talent in your backyard today? Our team of professional artists are always ready to take on your next project!