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Street Art Studios’ aim is simple; to beautify the world we live in. Graffiti art, or street art, is the form in which we choose to do it.

Graffiti is no longer a dirty word. Street Arts Studios has been a driving force in shifting people’s perceptions around street art and its recognition as a legitimate art form. We have done this through our publicly displayed artworks, which exhibit our passion for the form and the project.

We service everyone. Whether you’re a corporate office, private collector, sporting team, design agency or community based organisation, Street Art Studios will provide you with the highest quality artwork at a fraction of the cost.


When the council approached Sheeps 12 years ago, to help deter vandals from painting council maintenance vans, he knew that the best way was the artistic way.

It just so happened that his chosen medium, spray paint, was heavily frowned upon, as people automatically associated it with the very vandalism he was tasked with preventing. But through determination and a desire to change the public’s perception of street art, Street Art Studios was born.

Sheeps has found that street art can not only minimise vandalism of public and private property, if done properly, it can prevent future vandalism totally.

He has also found a shift in marketing strategies towards younger demographics, has seen unconventional art forms like street art proving a highly effective medium for increasing sales.

Whether he is painting a giant mural on the side of a building or a superhero on a child’s bedroom, Sheeps put his heart and soul into every stroke and loves every moment of what he does.

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