Our team of professional street artists offer a wide range of services, including digital imaging, illustration, graphic design and live event painting.

Retail and Corporate Artwork

Is your workplace lacking life and style? Are you looking to redecorate your shop? Or do just some advertising that pops? Street Art Studios can help you get the most out of your business, by inspiring your space to jump out from the crowd.

Our team of professionals individually tailor artwork to suit your needs and wants, with 100% original designs. Whatever the inspiration, Street Art Studios is ready to help you and your business make its mark.

We are renowned for creating murals that drive home business practices and models. Our services can also be used for activities such as team building, product launches and rebranding, to name but a few.

Design and Artistic Consultancy Services

In addition to artistic design services, our team of professional artists offer consultancy on all projects, large and small. We pride ourselves on delivering the best artwork for the lowest possible cost.

Live Events and Artistic Entertainment Services

Looking for something different for your next party or gig? Street Art Studios are experienced in providing live art entertainment for product launches, functions, holiday celebrations and more.

We have performed for several high-profile companies and have helped launch everything from cars and scooters, to apparel and shoes.

Our team work closely with the clients to ensure guests can comfortably watch and enjoy the night.  Fumes are kept to a minimum and all safety measures are closely followed.

We charge a flat hourly rate for all live events:

-$200 p/hr inc. paint (minimum 3-hour hire) standard paint
-$250 p/hr inc. paint (minimum 3-hour hire) LOW VOC Water based paint for indoor events and functions

Artwork for the Home

Feature walls, in-home gyms, bars, entertainment rooms and outdoor pool areas are the most popular choices for people daring enough to decorate their walls with a fantastic mural by our professional street art team.

Street art is a great way to light up your children’s rooms (and faces), set the scene in your home theatre, or just turn the drab into something fantastic. We have a national team of professional artists, ready to help make your ideas a reality.

Not too keen on a mural painted directly on your wall? Don’t worry! Street Art Studios also offer canvas artworks as well. As artists, we are always being artists and painting canvas art in lieu of walls is just as rewarding. We are regularly commissioned to provide hanging art for homes and businesses, as well as for gifts.

Vandal Deterrent and Graffiti Minimisation Services

Sick of having your property damaged and written on with tags? Why not beat the vandals at their own game? A proven way to deter the louts from scribbling all over your businesses and homes, is to have a street art mural painted there instead.

Street Art Studios have painted murals on highly targeted walls that are still untouched 12 years on. Our murals are ideal for schools and businesses, looking to get rid of these problems or at the very least, see heavy reductions in vandalism on their properties.


Whatever your requirement may be, get in touch with the team today and see what we can do for you!

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