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Street Art Mural

Yarra City Council

Graffiti Eaters Pty Ltd recently contacted us looking to commission an artist to paint a heavily targeted and vandalized wall sitting in a vacant plot of land. Graffiti Eaters are leaders in Australian graffiti removal services, and this time their team knew that only a street art mural could deter vandalism. Street Art Studios suggested using coats of anti-graffiti sealer to protect both the mural and the wall from mindless vandalism. We arranged a meeting on site and pencilled in target dates for installation, next allocating budgets and desired theme.

Before Mural
South Yarra x Graffiti Eaters wall before mural installation

After the meeting, our artist began the design works for the client. The designs were approved within the week.

Measuring 40m2 (4m height x 10m length) with a limited budget the plan was set to save and repaint the vandalised wall. All design and installation costs were accounted and included. Following the client’s prompt payment of the booking deposit all materials were procured, but at the last minute a period of poor weather conditions added two months of delays before the project could begin.

Over four days the team battled through a Melbourne heatwave to produce this jungley street art mural. Anti-graffiti coatings followed the next day. Now the wall can even be pressure cleaned to retain its quality. The wall is far nicer to look at and can mitigate vandalism and tagging without any issue.

With that in mind, if you’re fighting a losing battle with taggers and vandals, it may be time to contact us. You will save money by reducing the amount of maintenance costs, eliminate the effort of cleaning defaced walls, and enjoy a quality mural for your community.

Mural Art Sheeps



Approximately four hours north-west of Brisbane, in the heart of citrus country, lies the beautiful country town of Gayndah. The School Mural Artist at Street Art Studios was lucky enough to visit the town, after being contacted by the Acting Principal of the local primary school, Mr. Andrew Goldie, wondering if we could provide the pupils and school community with a street art mural and some workshops with students in design and installation.

Street Art Studios (blue card holders) knew exactly how to make a lasting positive impact, by teaching the kids about proper use of spray paint, and to contribute a mural that would remain for years to come.

School Mural Artist
Collaborative Mural painted by Gayndah State School and Street Art Studios school mural artist Sheeps

“That’s Fantastic!” Andrew Goldie, Acting Principal, Gayndah State School.

The kids worked great together and were all astonished by their own contribution to the final result. Their delight and pride in what was produced was exactly why Street Art Studios was keen to help. The artwork is equally as impressive as the kids’ exemplary behaviour throughout the installation and stands as a testament to a community that takes pride in itself. The students are lucky to have a principal in touch with the youth of today, who knew exactly how to give them a proper hands on experience in street art and graffiti art.

If your school could use some colour to deter vandals, or a project to bring the school community together to achieve amazing things as a group, then don’t delay and get in touch with the team today. Our School Mural Artist is fully insured and we only use the highest of quality materials such as Dulux, MTN and One Take paints. Our artists have over 20 years painting experience to make sure that our productions will last the test of time.