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Looney Tunes Kids Room MuralKids Bedroom Melbourne

When a client’s son asked Sheeps whether he was able to a paint a Looney Tunes themed street art mural wall for his bedroom, he sure wasn’t expecting his favourite characters to be on his walls over the space of a weekend. Kids Bedroom Mural

The artwork, depicting some of the more beloved Warner Brothers cartoon characters, was to tie in with the rest of the young man’s room, and needed to be able to be enjoyed for years to come.

Sheeps was happy to paint these characters in a way that could be enjoyed by all ages, ensuring that the street art kids bedroom mural was going to adorn the walls of this youngster’s bedroom for some time yet. Kids Bedroom Mural

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Communal Bar & Bistro

Pinnacle Pm Pty Ltd was interested in getting a quote for a cafe and restaurant mural, for a new bar & bistro within the restaurant precinct they were in the process of constructing. Cafe & Restaurant Mural

The project was set to be part of Brisbane City’s new gourmet dining hub, in Brisbane Square.

To ensure the opening night would be a success, the artwork was installed while the bar & bistro was still under construction, which made the process seamless.

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Tuscan Themed Trompe L’eoil

When a savvy Hamilton resident wanted to add life and colour to a blank and bland wall, they decided to contact the team at Street Art Studios to organise a meeting and obligation free quote.

Confident that Sheeps could paint the detailed faux archway, a design brief was given, a date was chosen and the artwork adorned her exterior wall soon after.IMG_1112

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Mural Art Sheeps


When contacted Sheeps at Street Art Studios they wanted to decorate their new office’s staff room in a way that would fit into their corporate image, as well as capture the essence of their business. They had one image in mind – a jet flying around the world’s great landmarks. Staff Room Staff Room

After a phone call and a few emails, it was decided by their marketing team that Sheeps was the man for the job. Having seen some of his previous work online, they were comfortable having him design and paint the artwork without any solid design confirmation prior to commencement.

Needing to decorate your staff room? Staff Room Street Art

Needless to say – the entire staff of are all very happy with their new staff room.

“From the initial enquiry, Sheeps impressed us with his enthusiasm and dedication to this project ‘like a pro’. We trusted his ability and he certainly delivered with all staff complimenting the finished product. It has turned a dull staff room into one with character.”

Hayley Kerruish, Webjet Email Marketing Manager.

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