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When Tulsa contacted Sheeps, he wanted to get some Rastafarian inspired artwork for his new barber shop in Redcliffe. Having already spent time looking through the many fantastic examples by the team, Tulsa was positive he didn’t have to ask for any designs and was more than happy to have the Street Art Studios team paint his new store.

G Trax Hair
G Trax Hair

With a budget of $1,500 and three walls to work with, the team was able to decorate the shop with a sharp and stylish bit of Rastafarian inspired artwork.

Quick drying and long lasting, our team was able to complete this artwork within six hours and Tulsa was then able to get on with the final preparations for his grand opening.

“Awesome work boys!”


Mural Art Sheeps


When contacted Sheeps at Street Art Studios they wanted to decorate their new office’s staff room in a way that would fit into their corporate image, as well as capture the essence of their business. They had one image in mind – a jet flying around the world’s great landmarks. Staff Room Staff Room

After a phone call and a few emails, it was decided by their marketing team that Sheeps was the man for the job. Having seen some of his previous work online, they were comfortable having him design and paint the artwork without any solid design confirmation prior to commencement.

Needing to decorate your staff room? Staff Room Street Art

Needless to say – the entire staff of are all very happy with their new staff room.

“From the initial enquiry, Sheeps impressed us with his enthusiasm and dedication to this project ‘like a pro’. We trusted his ability and he certainly delivered with all staff complimenting the finished product. It has turned a dull staff room into one with character.”

Hayley Kerruish, Webjet Email Marketing Manager.

If your office is lacking life, why not change things up and create a better office for guests, employees and clients, with some amazing street artwork by Brisbane’s original and best professional street art team.

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Mural Art Sheeps


Having already built a solid working relationship with Ardent Leisure Group, Sheeps was contacted to help decorate another M9 Laser Skirmish, for AMF Bowling’s expansion at Westpoint Shopping Centre in Blacktown, NSW.

Blacktown Feature wall by Scott Marsh
Blacktown Feature wall

Even thought the work arena was still in the construction stage, Sheeps and the team have years of experience working in and around other trades, and were still able to produce top quality artwork that entertains children and adults alike.

Blacktown Arena Artwork by Sheeps
Blacktown Arena Artwork by Sheeps

Ardent and Street Art Studios have such a good working relationship that we have been named their incumbent, or preferred, artistic team. These days they simply inform Sheeps of when the project starts and ends, and trust the team enough to “let them do what they do.”

Blacktown arena Artwork by Scott Marsh
Blacktown Arena
Tank Warfare by Scott Marsh
Tank Warfare

“Once again, Sheeps, Awesome work! The arena looks fantastic, as per usual, and is one of the best yet! Great work, mate.” Roy Menachemson, CEO Ardent Leisure Group.

Arena Artwork
Arena Artwork

If you have a project that needs artwork to be completed during the construction phase, then trust the team that delivers high quality artwork, no matter what the conditions. Get in touch with the team at Street Art Studios today!

Zombie Nazi's by Scott Marsh
Zombie Nazi’s