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Uber Australia’s Brisbane Landmark Mural

When collecting a lost phone from the Uber Rideshare offices in Brisbane, Sheeps was underwhelmed by their office fit-out.
He noticed it was bland, lifeless and dull, and a complete contrast to the dynamic and exciting new transportation and employment opportunities that this fresh thinking company had to offer.

uber Brisbane

Never afraid to let his feelings be known, he left behind his contact details and Uber soon got in touch to discuss how they could work together to install artwork that would be appealing to the young staff, support staff, trainers and new drivers.

uber Brisbane 2

With just a basic location map acting as the main inspiration, it took several designs, redesigns, design submittals, approvals, and alterations to the Scope of Works and Design Brief, before the mural design was completed.

As the business still needed to operate as normal, the Brisbane Iconic Images mural, was installed out of hours over two weekends.



If your new technology business is sapping the life out of your employees, you’re tired of the colour white or at the helm of rebranding old digs and want to see change for the better, then why not get your building/s adorned in some fantastic, well planned street art and get your business looking revitalised and ready for the future.

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