Street Art Studios: Professional Graffiti Artist For Hire in AustraliaStreet Art Studios: Professional Graffiti Artist For Hire in Australia



Situated approximately 4 hours North West of Brisbane, in the heart of citrus country, lies the Country Town of Gayndah and its students who are lucky enough to have a Principal in touch with his pupils who knew exactly how to give them a proper hands on education and experience in Street Art and Graffiti Art.


The team at Street Art Studios was fortunate enough to be contacted by Principal Mr. Andrew Goldie, wondering if they could provide his pupils and school community with a Street Art Mural including workshops with Grades 3 to 6 students in design and installation. Being experienced and accredited to work with children, Street Art Studios knew exactly how to make a lasting positive impact, to teach the kids about proper use of Spray Paint, and to contribute to a mural that would remain for years to come.

“That’s Fantastic!” Andrew Goldie, Acting Principal, Gayndah State School.

The kids were all very impressed with their combined efforts and their delight and pride in what was produced is exactly why Street Art Studios were keen to help bring this country town together with Art. The artwork is as equally impressive as the kids exemplary behaviour throughout the installation and stands as a testament belonging to a community that takes pride in itself.

If your school could use some colour to deter vandals, or to bring your school community together to achieve amazing things as a group, then make no delay in getting in touch with the team today.


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