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St John’s College, UQ Party Room

When contacted by the PresidentĀ of St. John’s College Student Club, University of Queensland, St. Lucia Campus, they were wanting to create a more friendly and uplifting area for their party room. A place were they can let their hair down, have a few drinks and unwind after one of the many activities they partake in as part of their student life.

The idea was to totally cover their walls in the activities and sports they enjoy and participate in under the banner of the St. John’s College Crest. As per standard practice, they asked to provide a list of the key sports and activities, College colours and events, that they enjoyed for the design phase. Once approved the artwork installation begun and after 7 days, they were happily spending their first celebration in the newly decorated walls of their on campus Party Room.

“Thanks so much, you did an awesome job! We are so happy we got you to do this for us Sheeps!”

St. John’s College Student Club President


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