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When contacted by Queensland’s electrical services provider, they were curious in finding what could be done to add some colour to their large offices and to promote the importance of Safe work practices. As per Street Art Studios’ standard practice, a meeting was held at their HQ, potential walls and areas for the mural were shown, ideas were bounced around and budgets were discussed. After getting a better idea of the work involved, the client’s were happy to award the project to Sheeps, from Street Art Studios.

Safety Mural Design

The artworks purpose and placement, was to further drive the companies Safety initiative and needed to fit in with the current health & safety and corporate colour schemes. Once all information required, all key points were itemised, all colour schemes and branded guidelines were noted, the designs were created and submitted.

Safety Initiative Mural Wall

Once the design had been approved by the relevant governance and hierarchy, Sheeps set about the task of adding a colourful representation of their Safety initiative in their work lives.

Safety Mural Wall

If your business wants to find another way to promote in house culture, work practices or internal marketing, why look further than the team that goes that extra distance to make sure it looks the business?

Street Art Studios, is the number 1 choice for Mural Art to businesses and corporations. Get in touch with the team today to find out how they can help you, and get things done professionally.

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