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Paddington Pups Artwork

When repeat client Bree, owner of Paddington Pups Dog Day Care Centre called, she was wanting to continue the theme of “the great outdoors” dog play area, which we  painted back in 2015. The brief was that the theme was to continue, but the artwork needed to evolve because this area is completely visible by all their customers, so it needed to look the best it could. It also had to incorporate some existing artificial foliage, which added some additional interest to the artwork’s image.

With a lot less wall space to cover and the area being a lot smaller than the dogs general play area, the artwork needed to be planned out properly, with every inch of space being planned out. A few sketched ideas and a week of late nights, the store was proudly sporting a newly decorated puppy pick up area, dog grooming area and reception area to keep the humans who work there from getting cabin fever. 

All artwork was installed after hours to ensure the installation wouldn’t hamper the business’ trading hours, and all care was taken to ensure the areas’s were safe for the next day. If your office or business could use a reimagining to combat dull, or your boring walls are unbearable, then why not get in touch with the trusted name at Street Art Studios, the Commercial Mural Art Specialists

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