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When Sash from Paddington Barber Co. contacted Sheeps with an idea in his head, he was wanting to know if there was a way to get the ideas from his head, painted onto the walls of his newly opened Barber Shop. With the idea being slightly odd, it was still interesting enough to keep Sheeps intrigued.


A meeting was held instore, to allow Sheeps an opportunity to view the stores layout, to work out the best way to install, and to agree on a price. As with all start up companies, the budget allowed was not a lot, so they bartered an alternative arrangement where Sheeps would get free haircuts in lieu of payment of the full price. With that part agreed to, Sheeps began designing the Octopus Barber, a few tweaks and redesign later, Sash and Sheeps chose a suitable week to get the artwork installed.

Stretching wall to wall, up and over an alcove, and back onto the ceiling, this 8 legged legend of the lochs now happily changes the hairstyles of many the gentleman who frequent this great Barber shop.

“Dude!? I literally do not know how you got it, but that’s so very¬†close to the image I had in my head, it’s crazy! Thank you again for an awesome job and for helping make my place, more my place!”. Sash – Paddington Barber Co. owner

If you want a great haircut, drop into Paddington Barber Co. and let Sash work his magic on your mop. If you want great mural artwork, just get in touch with the team at Street Art Studios today

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