Street Art Studios: Professional Graffiti Artist For Hire in AustraliaStreet Art Studios: Professional Graffiti Artist For Hire in Australia

About Us

Street Art Studios is the premier professional Street Art team, and has been a driving force helping shift peoples thoughts about street art and its recognition as a legitimate art form, through beautiful publicly displayed artwork.

Our aim is simple.

To be able to beautify the world in which we live, using the most talked about and amazing new art form known as Graffiti Art and more recently, Street Art.

Whether its for a private collector, a business group, a sporting team, a marketing team or a Community based society, Street Art Studios is the only place you need to go to get the highest quality artwork for a fraction of the cost.

When the council approached us 12 years ago to help deter vandals from painting Council Maintenance vans, we knew that the best way for me to give back to the world is through artwork. It just so happened that the chosen medium (Spray Paint) was, and still is, heavily frowned upon as people automatically associated vandalism with Street Art.

But through determination and a desire to change public opinion and perception of street art, Street Art Studios has been able to provide artwork for a wide range of clients and have often found the solution to vandalism is through Street Art. With a shift in marketing strategies and target demographic, the term Street Art is becoming a highly sought after vessel for direct public marketing and product sales.

Street art also has the ability to deter, minimise and mitigate unwanted vandalism of public and private property, and if done properly, will prevent future vandalism totally.

With that in mind, Street Art Studios will continue to lead the way in Professional Street Artistic services and is still Australia’s #1 Professional Street Art Team, so dont delay!

Street Artists are always going to grab people’s attentions because we are the Rock and Rollers of the Arts world so stop messing about and get in touch with the team today to see what Street Art Studios can do for you.